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Our dedicated team is here to help you navigate and resolve any technology-related issues you may be encountering. Below are some key resources that should help you get started.

Your first stop for any tech-related issues should be on this webpage. Here you can find a variety of resources for troubleshooting common problems and information about UAHT’s technology for students.

UAHT Student Help Desk

If you are unable to find the information you need to answer your questions or solve your issue on this webpage, the UAHT Help Desk is your next step.


Workday Training for Students

Workday Student is implemented on UA System campuses to manage the administrative processes involved with student records, financial aid, student accounts, academic advising, and admissions.

As a student, you will use Workday to explore course schedules, review your financial aid, view grades, track your academic progress, manage your student account, and pay tuition and fees.

For training and tips please visit: Workday Training for Students.


Microsoft Applications | Student Email Account | Workday Student Account

As a UAHT student, you have access to a suite of Microsoft applications. Your Microsoft Student Account will provide you with one-stop access to all your school applications such as Workday Student, Outlook (student email account), Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Blackboard, One Drive, OneNote, and printing services on campus. Student accounts are created when students are fully admitted. New students will receive an email with their Microsoft and Workday login information at the email address supplied on the admission application (if you are new to UAHT and did not receive an email contact

Getting Started:

  1. If you have not already activated your new account with us, please follow the instructions below.
  2.  Click this link to activate your account: Activate your Account
  3. The link above will first verify who you are. When asked to enter your email or username you must enter your new UAHT Spike email ( address.
  4. UAHT Spike email address is the first initial, last name, and last 4 digits of your Workday Student ID
  5. If you receive an error message, such as “The email or username you entered does not exist. Please check that you have typed your email or username correctly”. Verify that you have entered the correct Spike email. If you have entered the correct information and still receive an error, please complete the  UAHT Help Desk.
  6. Then select, “I forgot my password.” You will choose a contact method to receive a verification code – email or cell phone.

Students will see the following:

We have your phone number as "+1 (870) 123-4567" and your personal email as"".
Note: If the phone number or personal email is blank ("0"), you did not supply us with this information. Please contact the Office of the Registrar at 870-722-8221 or

  1. After you verify with the code you will set up a new password. Your new password must contain the following: have at least 8 characters, include a capital letter, include a lower-case letter, include a number, and include a special character (!, @, #, $, or %).
  2. A dashboard with multiple apps will display. Locate the blue app titled “Workday” and select it. You are now logged into Workday! You will see your UAHT Student ID number in Workday. 

If you're having trouble accessing or using these applications, the UAHT Help Desk, can assist you.


Student Email Forwarding | Moving Files

Students who have attended UAHT before Fall 2024 will have an email account through Gmail. Please start preparing now to move your files and work to your new UAHT Student Email account, If the Gmail account is linked to other accounts start preparations now to unlink this account. Check your Gmail account for more information!

How to forward UAHT Student Gmail account to UAHT Spike Outlook account

How to move files from Google Drive to Microsoft One Drive


UAHT Blackboard

Blackboard is our online learning management system. Here, you can access course materials, submit assignments, and communicate with your classmates and professors. If you're experiencing problems with Blackboard, contact your instructor or submit a ticket through the UAHT Student Help Desk.



Respondus is our online test proctoring service for online courses.

Student Respondus Lockdown Browser Instructions

UAHT Academic Honesty Respondus Testing Policy


UAHT Printing Services

Both campuses offer computers and printing services.

Hope Campus: Library, Student Success Center, Student Center 

Texarkana Campus: TKA eLibrary and TKP 209

Your UAHT MyApps Microsoft login credentials are required for printer access.

Username: UAHT Spike Email Address

first initial, last name, and last 4 digits of your Workday Student ID (i.e.

Password: UAHT My Apps Microsoft account password

The same password you created and use to log into your UAHT MyApps Microsoft account.


Note: Printing is available to officially enrolled students during the current semester. Check the academic calendar for semester begin/end dates. Copies are $0.05 per page. 

Adding money to my printing account

  1. Contact UAHT Student Accounts at 870-722-8213 OR
  2. Hope Campus: stop by the Business Office – located at the Hope Campus, J.W. Rowe Administration Building (AC). Accepts cash, credit, or debit cards. OR
  3. Texarkana Campus: stop by the Texarkana Campus front desk in the TKA building. Pay in minimum increments of $3.00. Accepts cash only.




MyUAHT (Campus Connect) will be available for students to log in to their accounts for class schedules, financial aid, and student account information for Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 until August 9th.

MyUAHT will not be used for Fall 2024 and forward. To register for Fall 2024 courses, access financial aid awards, and conduct all other business students will use Workday Student for Fall 2024.


Remember, our team is here to help you navigate any technology-related issues you may be encountering. Please contact us for help.