The Associate of Applied Science in General Technology program allows students to become proficient in a particular occupational area and/or to increase their knowledge and skills through the selection of additional elective courses. The program also increases students communication and math/science reasoning through the completion of selected general education courses.

Each student enrolling in this degree program will be required to develop a degree plan. The degree plan will indicate the technical certificate that the student intends to attain. The student will then select enough elective courses from the approved list to combine with required general education classes to equal at least 60 credit hours.

This degree plan requires approval by the Dean of the Technical and Industrial Professions Division.

Degree Checklist


*Note: Students not meeting the ACT or ACCUPLACER requirements of this degree in math and English shall enroll in sequential academic skills math, reading, and/or English courses during their first or second semester in college and each subsequent semester until the requirements are successfully completed. Any degree-seeking student who is required to take an academic skills course, excluding Intermediate Algebra, must also take EDGE 1003 College Life Skills.


Major Technical Discipline

In addition to the required general education courses the student will attain a Technical Certificate (a student may attain two Technical Certificates in Diesel Technology) in one of the following programs (from 30 to 33 credit hours):



The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) contains information about the transferability of courses within Arkansas public colleges and universities. Students are guaranteed the transfer of applicable credits and the equitable treatment in the application of credits for the admissions and degree requirements. Course transferability is not guaranteed for courses listed in ACTS as No Comparable Course. Additionally, courses with a D frequently do not transfer and institutional policies may vary. ACTS may be accessed on the Internet by going to the ADHE website and selecting Course Transfer ( Courses not having an ACTS number may also transfer. Please consult the receiving institution for complete transfer information.